Staff Processes


Opening Procedures

  • Turn on hallway light (switch the the right of entrance as you come in) and outside light if evening

  • Turn on lights in the 3 rooms, including small white box for LED lights

  • .

  • Put sign with doorbell button in window by the outside door

  • Prop up sandwich-board sign at top of outside stairs

  • Open PC and Mac, and log in using using staff account in the Chrome browser (use Firefox for people to register, log them out after and don't save passwords) at (account and the password should fill in automatically)

Welcoming people

  • Welcome people

  • Ask if they have been here before

  • If not, explain the library and what we have, and ask them to sign up (use Firefox browser) 

  • Help them find items
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are available
  • First aid kit and other office supplies under standup cabinet

New members

  • Ask them to set up an account in Firefox browser

    If they don't want to use online form, perhaps ask them to fill in the paper form, then add them as a new contact. It will email them their password.

  • Ask them to select a membership and pay with credit card

    If they don't use credit cards, you can accept cash or check: add to Cash log and enter online as staff provided payment in their account

  • Log out their account afterwards. Don't save passwords

Closing Procedures

  • Close computers

  • Empty trash if smelly or full

  • Bring in sandwich-board sign and doorbell button sign 

  • Ensure tools are unplugged. Computers, printer, doorbell all stay on

  • Turn off lights in the 3 rooms, including small white box for LED lights

  • Close door and ensure it locks

  • Turn off hall light and close outer door; ensure it clicks shut and locks


 Lend-Engine manual

Check-out Procedures

  • Search for person in Members field with a part of their name, then select Borrow as button for them. Ensure they have no outstanding fees due

  • Select reservation if they have one, else search for item by number in the Items field

  • Ensure all parts are available and in good shape

  • Ask client if they are comfortable using the item safely and effectively

  • Point to online manual or tutorials

  • Choose pickup (usually green Today button) and return dates (usually the same day next week on calendar)

  • Add additional items then green Checkout button twice

  • Remind client it is due back in a week

Check–in Procedures

  • Search On loan and Overdue sections for checked out items

  • Ensure all parts are returned and in good shape.  Refer to photo of item on lending site.  

  • Ask client if they had any trouble and make a note in Comments area

  • Inform client of any late or dirty/damaged fees

  • Mark as returned

  • Put item in To be repaired area if needed, else return to its usual spot

Extend loans: Search On loan and Overdue sections for checked out items and “choose a new return date”